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by Kim DeLucia, Skylar's Mommy

When I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Skylar, we were supposed to have a life together, just my daughter and I. But Skylar was needed in Heaven to be an angel. So when I heard about the Crisis Nursery for abused or abandoned children, I knew I had to volunteer.

The Crisis Nursery was a chance for me to be a mom and give these children the love and attention they need. I volunteer at the infant building and the children range from infancy to two or three years old. When I walk in there is always a little one with their arms up to be held. Every time I sit on the floor a child sits in my lap and sometimes there is two of them fighting for a lap. I play with them, push them on the swing, give hugs and even change their poopy diapers. Feeding the children lunch is fun because I love to watch them eat. Sometimes I feed the little ones that are in the high chair who are too little for the table. After lunch is nap time, my favorite time. I rock a child to sleep and if they are crying in their crib, I rub their back until they fall asleep. They are all beautiful children. I love being with the little ones.

Volunteering at the nursery has been a wonderful and very healing experience for me. These children give me joy and in return they receive so much love which they so deserve. I encourage anyone who has time to spare to volunteer and give love to these children. Thank you for telling me about the nursery.

For my daughter, Skylar Marie

I will never hear you laugh
I will never hear you cry
I will never see you smile for the first time
But, I will always see you when I look in the mirror...
I will never see you crawl
I will never see you take your first step
I will never be there to catch you when you tumble
But, I will always be there for you when you need me...
I will never give you a bath
I will never put you in your p.j.'s
I will never tuck you in bed
I will never watch you sleep
But, I will always read you a story from your books on the shelf...
I will never teach you the ABC's
I will never see you play with your toys
I will never take you to the park and push you on the swing
I will never see you blow out your birthday candles
But, I will always honor you...
I will never hear you call me Mommy
I will never get to say, "Skylar Marie!"
I will never hear you say, "Love you Mommy,"
But I will always love you forever...

My first born baby
I will always be your mommy
You will always be my daughter
My beautiful angel baby...
My Daughter, Skylar Marie
I love you Skyly,

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